Why Choose Myrtha Pools for your Next Aquatic Project or Refurbishment?

Why Choose Myrtha Pools for your Next Aquatic Project or Refurbishment?

Myrtha Pools is an Italian based manufacturer of modular stainless-steel swimming pools.  Having pioneered the technology for modular pool construction in the 1960’s the company has grown to become the global leader in the manufacturer of premanufactured modular stainless-steel swimming pools and the provider of pools for the majority of major FINA events around the world including multiple Olympic Games & World Championship events.


The reason for the success of Myrtha Pools around the world is due to their ongoing commitment to provide the best possible technology for swimming pool construction.  With a fully dedicated R&D department continually testing and improving their technology, Myrtha Pools continue to break new ground in providing cutting edge solutions for both new pools and the refurbishment of existing concrete pools.

So why choose Myrtha?



World Class Technology
Myrtha Pools lead the world when it comes to aquatic technology.  This is proven by our long-standing relationships with FINA where we regularly provide pools (both permanent & temporary) for major events such as the Olympic Games & World Championships.

Reduced Risk
A Myrtha Pool comes as a complete package with very few complementary trades required to complete the installation.  The end result of this is a single point of responsibility for the entire pool tank.  When combined with a Myrtha Distributor also installing the filtration pipe work then all the risk associated with the pools is combined into one contract.  This eliminates finger pointing as soon as a defect comes up which often happens with other construction methods.

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike traditional construction, Myrtha Pools do not require a significant maintenance schedule. Sturdy, built to last, & not subject to dimensional variations, a Myrtha structure is not susceptible to cracking, or structural deterioration & is not affected by the aggressive action of chlorinated pool water.  A simple annual maintenance check can be carried out without the need for a pool closure & only takes a few hours per pool.  Many maintenance procedures can also be carried out without the need to empty the pool saving on water costs & substantial shut down periods.

Strong Manufacturers Warranty

Swimming pools built using Myrtha Technology have a virtually unlimited lifespan, due to the inherent structural integrity and the proven characteristics of the materials employed. The advanced technological features of the modular system allow Myrtha to confidently provide one of the best warranties worldwide.  25 year structural warranty and 10 year watertight guarantee (extended to 15 years with an annual maintenance agreement).  Because Myrtha Pools is an international brand with a global reputation to uphold the warranty sits directly with Myrtha and not with our distributor ensuring the security of the client regardless of what happens with our distributors.

Fast Installation

Myrtha pools can be built in a very short time, thanks to their pre-engineered design. The components are manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality standards through an automated process and shipped directly to the building site. This facilitates a timely installation process that does not require the use of heavy equipment and significantly reduces the risk of assembly mistakes on the construction site.  Because the construction process for a Myrtha pool is very short relative to traditional construction significant cost savings can be achieved within the construction program.

Light Weight Structure

A Myrtha Pool is constructed using a lightweight Stainless Steel structure.  All the transitional load is dispersed through an engineered footing with no load transferred through the pool floor.  This means a significant reduction in the complexity of the concrete floor beneath the pool, resulting in significant cost & time savings associated with the concrete works.  Myrtha technology is also ideal for unstable grounds with less direct loading on the ring foundation and adjustment built into the panels to compensate for any ground movement.

Millimetric Precision

A comprehensive design developed with 3D Revit software allows for a highly detailed review of the finished pool structure and better control of the overall material completeness. The tri-dimensional design software aides in the customized manufacturing process and automatically generates a complete, error free material list. Myrtha pools millimetric precision exceeds F.I.N.A. regulations and competition facility rules.

Fixed Costs

Building a Myrtha pool means fixed purchasing investments & predictable whole of life costs. A shorter installation time compared to traditional concrete construction significantly reduces the risk of cost overruns. As there is a single contract for the construction of a Myrtha pool there is less risk of variations due to conflicts between trades.  Also, unlike traditional construction, Myrtha pools do not require a significant maintenance schedule. In the event of a maintenance closure the time frame associated with these works is significantly less than traditional construction methods.

Flexibility in Design

As every Myrtha Pool is custom designed and fabricated to suit using Revit modelling almost any shape and size can be achieved with a Myrtha Pool.  Myrtha Pools have completed hundreds of leisure pools of all shapes and sizes around the world.  Due to the substantial design department as well as in house R&D department if there is a situation that Myrtha Pools don’t have an existing solution for they have the resources to develop a solution to suit.

Environmentally Friendly

A Myrtha Pool offers a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional construction and
the majority of materials used in the construction of a Myrtha pool are easily recyclable.  There are also significant environmental benefits in the reduction of water consumption during the build and also reduced operating costs due to the more efficient hydraulic system used for filtered water distribution through the patented Strahlenturbulenz inlet system developed by Myrtha Pools.

Refurbishment Advantages

Myrtha Pools RenovAction technology was specifically designed for the refurbishment of
existing concrete swimming pools.  This technology offers a cost effective solution to modernise and refurbish older concrete pools that are showing signs of deterioration and leaking.  A premanufactured modern wetdeck is fitted to the existing concrete shell and then the interior of the pool is resurfaced
with the patented Myrtha Pools PVC laminated Stainless Steel panels and the
floor finished with a flexible, reinforced PVC membrane.  This solution provides a brand new pool
structure installed within the existing concrete shell offering a complete
refurbishment at almost half the cost of a new pool and also in significantly
reduced time.  All RenovAction projects come with the same 25 year structural and 10 year watertight guarantees that all new Myrtha Pools come with.


Myrtha Pools have completed over 100 installations in Australia & thousands of
pools around the world. Myrtha Pools produce in excess of 1500 pools annually
& export to over 60 countries worldwide.


Myrtha Pools are also the provider of pools for the following Olympic Games: Atlanta
1996, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020


For more information contact

David Bennison +61 448 166 882 david.bennison@myrthapools.com

Greg Clarke +61 419 855 058 greg.clarke@myrthapools.com


This article was originally published in IPWEA July ’19.


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