Myrtha Pools technology could provide the answer to local councils looking for cost effective options to save the many memorial swimming pools across Australia.  RenovAction technology from Myrtha Pools provides an option to moderrnise an existing pool without the expense associated with demolition and reconstruction.

Memorial swimming pools are an iconic feature of most councils aquatic infrastructure. In many cases these pools are structurally sound but leaking along with outdated circulation that no longer meets health regulations.  Councils are met with the decision, do they repair the pool structure and internal finishes, which in most cases is a short term solution, or do they replace the pool with a completely new structure.

The Myrtha Pools RenovAction technology, offers an exciting alternative to traditional short term repairs or complete replacement.  Myrtha Pools patented and exclusive RenovAction technology has been specifically developed for the refurbishment and modernisation of existing concrete pools.


RenovAction technology utilises a modular stainless steel panel system incorporating three main items – the pool walls, the pool floor and the overflow gutter.  The pool walls are modular panels of AISI 441 grade stainless steel, laminated at 300 degrees with a hard PVC surface on the inner swimming pool face. The lamination process permanently bonds the PVC to the steel and forms a product with the strength and integrity to be mechanically processed and bent in excess of 180 degrees without affecting the integrity of the PVC membrane. The panels are attached to the existing pool walls by anchor clamps and expansion screws.


As the pool floor is not subject to the same stresses as the walls it is more economical and practical to use a specially engineered reinforced PVC membrane with high density and tensile strength.  It is supplied in rolls and heat welded on site to form a continuous watertight system from pool floor to walls.


The overflow gutter is formed using the same AISI 441 grade stainless steel panel laminated with hard PVC and folded to form a modular ‘wet deck’ gutter system complete with ABS channel grating.  This gutter is installed by means of anchor clamps and expansion screws onto an existing concrete pool wall which has been cut and prepared to the appropriate profile with the surrounding concourse then formed up to the back of the gutter to provide a seamless ‘wet deck’ finish to the pools edge.


Renovaction technology by Myrtha Pools offers a cost effective, yet durable long term solution to refurbishment of existing concrete swimming pools.  The installation process is quick relative to a traditional refurbishment or replacement and due to the prefabricated nature with the system manufactured in a controlled environment under an ISO 9001 quality assured certification process.


Myrtha Pools have completed over 100 installations in Australia, with a number of these being Renovaction. Myrtha Pools produce in excess of 1500 pools annually for export to over 60 countries worldwide.


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This article was originally published in IPWEA Nov ’18.


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