Swimtastic Swim School

SwimTastic Swim School features a brand new 25m learn-to-swim pool and a brand new 25m training pool for both new and advanced swimming students. The indoor Auckland swimming facility also uses Myrtha Pool’s state-of-the-art overflow gutter and Ceramic-1 technology to bring a clean design & excellent water quality to over 3000 of it’s members.

Myrtha’s stainless steel panels are cut to the specifications of each pool and assembled on-site. The 25m learn-to-swim pool measures at just 9m deep making it the ideal environment for babies and young learners up to six months of age.
Meanwhile, the new 25m training pool, which measures much deeper at 14m in depth, supports adolecent and adult fitness, competition training, and casual swimming.

Each pool uses Myrtha Pool’s PVC waterproofing membrane to line the entire panel structure. This not only provides an airtight seal that protects the inner walls but also provides a canvas for creative art and signage to help young swimmers feel at home.

SwimTastic Swim School officially opened it’s doors in 2019, and was completed in partnership with Architecture HDT, and veteran distributors Jacobs Construction.

Leading Edge Leisure works closely with Jacobs Construction and Mark Bone from Swimtastic in our role with Myrtha Pools to ensure this facility remains one of the best Myrtha Pools facilities in New Zealand.

Client Name

Mark Bone

Completion Date

January, 2019


Auckland, New Zealand


Jacobs Construction

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