Colours, Patterns & Themes

We’ve selected our color palette to meet the unique needs of aquatic facilities. No matter what, our tiles last in extreme hot and cold conditions both indoors and outdoors.

Our Studio team encourages customers to use 3 or more colors in any given application. Multi-colored floors are more visually interesting and are easier to maintain. The more color and pattern a surface has, the more appealing it is and the harder it is to spot dirt and wear.


Ripple 2.0

Our Ripple texture has the highest traction rating when wet. The texture has deeper grooves for anti-hydroplaning, a more defined texture, and a crisper, more polished look for your aquatic facility. Popularly used in underwater or low-depth applications such as splash pad surfaces, zero-depth entries, and around spray features. 


Slate mimics natural stone, adding classic style to your pool decks, bathrooms, showers, and walkways. Now with MicroTread™ for improved traction. 


Life Floor is manufactured as 24” x 24” square tiles (610 mm x 610 mm) that can be cut, arranged, and rearranged to create a remarkable number of designs, including rectangles, triangles, and curves. Have a specific narrative in mind? Use design inlays from our library or create custom shapes of your own to add theming to a facility. Through countless different configurations and color combinations, our tiles enable a wide range of opportunities to create beautiful environments with unparalleled safety. Our standard shape offerings are listed below, with many more on the horizon.

Available shapes include: Squares, Triangles, Rectangles, Hexagons, Curves & Inlays


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