ANTI Pro Goal 1080 – Floating (AWE331)

• Fabricated from custom marine grade powder coated aluminium extrusions and hand-laid fibreglass for durability.

• All fittings are SS316. Bows connecting Frame to Floats are produced from powder coated marine grade aluminium. • Long-Life Net is Heavy Duty, polypropylene cord, knotted at every intersection.

• Durable EVA closed cell foam flotation elements.

• Thick external carry handles assist with safe and easy pool deck transportation.

• Light weight design (46kg) enables easy 2 person pool deck movement.

• Pool Edge bumpers on side of Goal Float prevent chipping of pool tiles and guttering when installing and removing goal.

• Supplied in kit form to minimise shipping costs.

• Foam GRP protector-slides.

• Open corner net configuration to reduce ball rebound.

• Custom aluminium front frame cross section for maximum strength and lightest weight.

• Includes Lane Anchor attachment points at the 750mm and 1080mm distances for both pre and post 2015 FINA regulations.

• Includes Net Clip for easy Net installation.

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