Myrtha RenovAction Technology: Is this the answer to refurbishing old concrete swimming pools?

Myrtha Pools now have in excess of twenty RenoVaction projects completed in Australia and many more in New Zealand, with the first of these installations dating back to 2001 and another currently under construction in Blaney NSW. The Blayney project involves the modernising of the two existing pools (25m and LTS) with RenovAction technology as well as the construction of a new splash pad.  Modern wet decks will be added to each pool as well as an accessible ramp for the LTS and offset stairs for the 25m.  The total cost of the aquatic works including new filtration plant and reticulation sits at just under 2 million, a fraction of what it would have cost to build new pools.

When using the Myrtha RenovAction® system to revitalise and modernise old failed concrete pools, there is no need to remove the old tiles and replace with new, cut and attempt to repair leaking construction/waterstop joints, or reform new concrete gutters. By using the Myrtha RenovAction® system the old leak points that were bleeding precious water, are nullified by the installation of a fully waterproofed homogeneous membrane system. Most beneficial to the old concrete structure, is the concrete structure is now removed from further chloride attack.

The RenovAaction system allows for the complete modernisation of an old concrete pool by introducing new wet decks, ramps, stairs and ‘state of the art’ water circulation using Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling. The Myrtha Pools RenovAction system is specifically designed for the refurbishment of old concrete pools . The gutters and walls are formed from stainless steel AISI 441Li 1.5mm thick, factory laminated with PVC-P 0.5mm thick.

RenovAction offers a complete waterproofing system due the entire pool basin being sealed with a common product in the form of PVC membranes, that are both factory laminated to the stainless steel walls and gutters through a quality assured process and then a double layered reinforced membrane laid on the pool floor.  All PVC membrane interfaces are welded through a ‘hot air welding’ process to ensure a homogenous waterproof system is achieved throughout the pool basin. At no stage are silicon like products used or cleating systems used to hold PVC membranes on walls or to secure them at floor level. Nor is any ‘on site’ stainless steel welding employed, due to the inherent risk of introducing future corrosion in the weld zones.

When considering what to do with old concrete pools that may have minimal concrete degradation, old style scum gutters and failed tiles, the choice is often to demolish and rebuild. In this case the Carbon Footprint is massive. The Carbon footprint of a new build standard 50m Myrtha Pool, when compared to a traditional new build 50m tiled concrete pool, can result in 40% less CO2 emissions.  By using the Myrtha RenovAction system, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced as both the demolition and replacement is taken out of the equation. The stainless steel and PVC membranes used in Renovaction system are fully recyclable.

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This article was originially published in IPWEA Nov ’19.


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