Myrtha Pools Completes First Aquatic Facility installation in India

Christchurch-based aquatics specialist Ian Coombes Limited has shared its experience in rebuilding the public swimming pool in the small South Island community of Waiau.

The rural North Canterbury town of approximately 250 people was left without a swimming pool after it was damaged beyond repair during the November 2016 earthquakes.

The Waiau River Valley suffers extreme seasonal temperatures, with mid-summer days in the early to mid-30 degrees a regular occurrence. With only the Waiau River to swim in, and the community’s strong desire to have all local children taught to be safe in and around water, the Waiau Pool Committee set themselves a massive task to replace the pool that they had lost during the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

The campus contains a full-sized football pitch, 16 badminton courts, squash, tennis basketball courts, a cricket ground, indoor and outdoor nets, a state-of-the-art sports science centre and two pools. One is a 50 metre, 10-lane Olympic-size swimming pool built by Myrtha Pools and equipped with 20 Myrtha Track Start starting blocks.

This Myrtha pool is now home to Dolphin Aquatics, one of the oldest registered swimming clubs in Karnataka, headed by Nihar Ameen, India’s top swimming coach.

Ameen coached the Indian Olympic team for both the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games as well as numerous World Championships.

To contact Myrtha Pools’ Australian and New Zealand representative, click here to visit the Myrtha Pools listing in the Australasian Leisure Management Supplier Directory. 

This Article was first featured in Australian Leisure Magazine 2019.


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