The International Swimming League grand final in Las Vegas being held this week will take place in a pool featuring Myrtha Pools’ latest innovation – an acrylic wall.

With the inaugural ISL grand final set to feature many of the world’s top swimmers, their achievements during competition will be visible through the clear wall in a new way by spectators at the venue and viewers around the world.

Currently being installed at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Hotel solely for the climax to the inaugural ISL season, the event will feature two 2-metre-deep temporary tanks: a 25 metre x 11 metre warm-up pool and a 25 metre x 21 metre competition pool.

The competition pool will include a 21-metre acrylic wall with a vanishing edge, unlike anything ever seen at an event of this calibre.

The pools are being installed by Myrtha certified installation teams along with local contracting and union support using Myrtha’s unique technology.

With Myrtha’s factory technicians collaborating to complete the build of the pools in just 10 days, the installation team are working in two shifts to enhance productivity, with a flexibility to best coordinate with all other parties involved to enhance the production of other aspects of the event.

The pool is being built in the arena space at the Mandala Bay, where the hotel usually hosts boxing matches and other grand events. The flexibility of Myrtha’s technology means building a pool above the usual ‘stage’ – causing no disruption to the hotel’s daily activities and no reconstruction of the existing arena.

Myrtha promotes sustainability by being eco-friendly, emitting less than 50% of CO2 emissions than a traditional concrete pool. In addition, the materials being used for this event, have been used at two previous temporary events.

Technical details were modified to accommodate the new acrylic wall feature, but the majority of the structure is being reused. In addition, the pools will then be permanently reinstalled at another location, to completely maximise the use of the Myrtha materials.

The pools feature a skid mounted defender filtration system, which reduces water loss and contributes to the best water quality a pool can have. The pools will also be equipped with Strhalenturbulenz (STZ) inlet system, which optimises the use of chlorine and pool chemicals because of great circulation in the pool, in turn reducing the amount of chemicals needed to achieve a chemically safe pool.

The finale of the ISL competition will take place on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st December.

To contact Myrtha Pools’ Australian and New Zealand representatives, click here to visit the Myrtha Pools listing in the Australasian Leisure Management Supplier Directory. 

Images: The International Swimming League grand final is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (top) and Myrtha’s acrylic wall techology was first applied at the Galaxy Macau Hotel & Casino.


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