On the Rise: Modular Technology

Modular Stainless-Steel Technology is becoming the centerpiece in bringing some of Australia’s most luxurious high-rise pools into the market.

But what makes modular steel construction so coveted   by clients and builders when it comes to delivering a high-rise aquatic asset?

In come Myrtha Pools, leaders in modular stainless-steel technology and preferred supplier to top hotel brands such as Hilton Hotels, Marriot Hotels, and Accor Hotels.

Light in Weight, Tough in Durability

Stainless steel allows for a much lighter load than traditional materials without sacrificing durability. This lets builders overcome the most common hurdle in high-rise construction of managing weight constraints. 

Lower Costs, Higher Safety

The Assembly of a stainless-steel pool can be completed in a fraction of the time spend using other competing technologies. Modular Components are easily transportable through elevators, doorways, and other small spaces making high-rise construction lower risk for clients and workers.

Custom Design, Every Time

Stainless steel components are fabricated to the specific designs before arriving on site giving architects the un-bridled flexibility to design unique custom shapes and finishes. Myrtha’s stainless steel is also certified for corrosion resistance to chlorine rich environments that plague traditional steel.

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The contents for this article was originally published on Builder’s Choice Magazine 2021



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